Rapid Waters Lodge has a wonderful and rich history. Like many lodges of the day, Rapid Waters started out as a get-away for men, with a focus on hunting and fishing for many, including some famous faces!

When John Cook became the owner and keeper of this historic Lodge in 2011, it was ready for a make-over. John embarked on a complete update and refresh. While maintaining its original character and charm, John’s team tastefully updated the interiors to be much more in keeping with a cozy spa-like getaway!

Whether enjoying the privacy and seclusion of this nature retreat, hosting a small business retreat, etc., you will certainly feel at home in this wonderful space.

Rapid Waters - The Early Days

Our Fireplace

The Lodge was the dream of Colonel Biddle of the US Army who had spent time fishing the Miramichi in the 1940s. The lodge was completed in 1948 and was built by local trades people using local materials. The river rock used to construct one of the largest fireplaces on the Miramichi is still used today and is a centre piece of the lodge.

Over the years Rapid Waters has had its share of famous people and dignitaries. People such as Pierre Burton and Gordon Sinclair of Front Page Challenge, sport figures such as Gordie Howe and Johnny Bower, as well as commerce gaints like the Bronfman family of Seagram distilleries and the Rothmans, have all been guests. And, of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Canadian icon Governor General, Roland Michener who’s picture still hangs at the entrance.

The Lodge was not just for the rich and the famous, however. For decades the Lodge catered to the local families for wedding receptions, getaways for local business, etc.

About John

John is an entrepreneur at heart. Supposedly retired, he bought the Lodge and completely and lovingly restored this gem in 2011. Born in Victoria, BC, his pre-retirement life involved several successful business ventures. John is truly bi-coastal living part time in Victoria and part time in New Brunswick, taking advantage of the best weather in Canada!